Appalachain Trail Summer 2007

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From The Delaware Water Gap (40.982264, -75.137703) to south east of Tyringham, Massachusetts (42.234873, -73.194234)
Appalachian Trail Appalachian Trail Gary & Jamie at Brink Road Shelter Appalachian Trail Walkill River Wildlife Preserve (41.237153, -74.473021) Appalachian Trail Jamie on a ladder
Prior to getting on the Appalachian Trail in 2007 
Appalachian Trail, From Pennsylvania, across New Jersey, to New York  Starting at the Delaware Water Gap (40.982264, -75.137703) to (41.287150, -74.541909)
Appalachian Trail, Across New York  Starting at the New Jersey Boundary (41.287150, -74.541909) across New York to the Connecticut Boundary (41.641097, -73.520022)
Appalachian Trail, Connecticut 2007  Starting at the New York Boundary (41.641097, -73.520022) to the Massachusetts Boundary (42.050231, -73.454624)
Appalachian Trail, Massachusetts 2007  Starting at the Connecticut Boundary across Massachusetts till I reached Tyringham, Massachusetts (42.234873, -73.194234)

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